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Artist:Dag Nasty
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Track:La Penita
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:sitting here like forty ounces
waiting to be drunk
I always seem to want what I don't
it's more than I can handle
still I want another shot
even without it , five
minutes from now
I'll find I can't stand up
on the edge , I've been there
and it's just
as crowded as back home
though the waves are strong
it's easy enough to swim on back to the
sometimes , couldn't my eyes just stay at home ?
'cause sometimes
seeing doesn't
see me through
someday maybe someday
couldn't we take all our mirrors down
sometimes seeing doesn't see me through
I'd love to believe you
when I say always and all
ways :)
but from what I've seen
you can't see me through
there's a question in your
though you're thinking
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