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Artist:Dag Nasty
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Track:Turn It Around
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:you can't believe it
look at the mess you're in
and like a bottle of India ink that
you can't clean it up
just leave it alone
it's time to turn it down
got to turn it around
your world starts spinning
like a record in a groove
and like a
bottle of beer you drink too fast
just slow it down
gotta slow it down ( you can't put it
down )
it's time to turn it around
you've got to turn it around
don't let it kick you
tried so hard
to make it on your own
you tried so hard
you couldn't make it
on your own
so you start thinking
you can walk right out of here
but like a bottle that
washed up on the shore
just look inside , take a look inside
there's something inside
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