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Artist:Dag Nasty
Taken from the album Can I Say by Dag Nasty
Album:Can I Say
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I wouldn't speak my mind
I didn't want to make them mad
I looked up to them
for the
courage I thought I didn't have
I never bothered to lift a finger
to make my
Now I'm spelling it out
and nobody's listening

It's hard to take it to
It hurts to be apart
But I can't watch and not be heard

The days go by
and things get worse
but they say they can only get better
I try to make a dent
it blends in with all the damage
I try to look the other way
but there's a mirror behind
I see images of what can be done
It seems like I'm the only one

I wouldn't
speak my mind
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