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Track:If You Ever Need a Heart
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:See ya later
If we both get off for free
Then the ending don't have to be
Like a
purgatory thing
Just stuck between us all.
There's a diamond inside your pain
That you
never have to feel again
If you look in, on behind you
There's a reason for the fall
can try to know what's right
But it never comes out at night
And you shiver at the
Down breathing at your feet
You can sleep within the wrong
But the memory won't
get gone
The melodrama has to end
It's just the way it has to be.
If it's on then I'll
have to treat you like a song
If it's off then I'll have to go to bed without a nitelite
If it's on maybe we could keep it alive
If it's off, see ya later.
If you wanna be
there for me
All you gotta do is be
A diamond in the pain
You shine a broken
You can talk it to me on the phone
You can try to get me off alone
But you're
swimming in deep emotion
For a while
You bribe me with your face
You're the only thing I
And I'm never gonna get you
Out of any peace of mind.
I won't miss you at
Got a picture of your parasol
I'll remember that you acted like a headcase
the way it has to be
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