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Track:You Make Me Feel
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Tried to make it alone
Didn't get me too much
You can cover your past
Not forgotten
at last
Everything that you feel is mine
And the field still holds your sway
I see
you in the pouring wine
When the darkness gets pulled away
You make me feel like I'm real

You make it summer all the time
You make me feel like I'm real
You make the raindrops
shine like dimes
You make me feel like I'm real
You make it summer you make it good

Well it goes to show that you never know
I can take you to task
But you don't want me
to ask
Time will stop like a click
But we're both gonna go
If in time you are flying
Over fields where we would play
I'd be the colors in your kite
And the strings
that hold you safe
And in time we are flying high
As we dance in the headlights laughing

Tears are all spilled behind us
And the bad days have blown away
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