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Artist:Daddy/112/Faith Puff
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Track:Is This The End Part Two
Date Added:18/10/2007
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This is a story about two riders
One's from Chicago
And the other is from New

Now nigga what? You thinkin' there be no repentance?
But I'm
coming back with a vengence
Runnin' like a ant since it was intense
Thought it was the
Wish every motherfucker's in like sentence
Where they been since?
Let me not go
deep in the story
But damn it, I feel the fury when I'm rapping
Got me going off in the
Hit eleven niggas and bitches at home
Hear the drama how it happen
Back for one
You remember I was grazed in the shoulder
When I plays the beholder
Hit the
land like a crusier
But in the Range with the Rov'
Still it feelin' strange to a
Me and Puff trapped in the parking lot
I done found the keys so let's crawl on the
Got up beside the ride but we still trapped
But I found my strap, I gotta bust that
P., you gotta drive, problem at the angle of the ride
Blast when you crash through the
We still alive but the opposition gotta die
When they go then it's on to the next
When the car screeched off, I blast my heat off
Thus crackin' our winshield
stud shoulda been killed
Kept shootin' 'till I seen his bloody body do a windmill
catchin' convulsions that we frozen
Ain't nobody here to hold it
Feelin the escape was
kinda golden
Now we dozin'
More niggas have rolled in
They started comin' at us with
high-tech shit
It's only so much one mac can do
But you know what we got to do
get in the wind
Is it the end or chapter 2
They coming after you

1 -
Living my life on the run
With these niggas coming after me
Is this the way
that it has to be
I can't tell these dreams from reality
Now I'm not afraid to die
it really don't matter to me
It just might be my destiny
I hope you niggas is ready for

Yeah, yeah
Saw my whole empire crumble into pieces
As the
trouble increases
Escape is the thesis when the car speed releases
I'm on the run like
The first chapter was sadness but this one is madness
Killers on our asses, plus I'm
in 'suit, winney badges
Red and blue light flashing
Now, let's see who's the
Slide through the street like a real C
Hit the curb swervin', but I'm still
Damn it, ain't no brakes
I feel like a enemy of the state
We on the run like
Will Smith
Pumpin' some real shit
Since the car won't slow down
I had to crash
through a window
Level shook but now we on foot with the showdown
Didn't know what we was
in for
Somehow, someway we gotta get the ammunition for the gun play
Now I hear some
bullets ricochet, motherfucker's got to get away
T., let's go this a-way through the
Where these niggas can't score me
And max me a building attack me
straight for Kennedy, they can't catch me
There 20 minutes exactly
Get tickets at the
first airline, first flight out
Get set for the hardcore, could you tell where the sky
Me and T. on the plane on our way to Chicago
When we landed in O'Hare
A cop
yelled out "Freeze, we sent here to capture you"
Nigga, you know what we got to do
me, is this the end or chapter 2
They comin' after you


People better get goin' for the big clone
Leave our shit
Coming at us with a C gun, gotta get calm
Then I pick up on the jet phone
So I
could see if my bitch home (hello)
Hope the cop that drop them and took a strap then
Simply, but we acted quick
Damn, there was a glock
Then we dipped up in the
parkin' lot
We saw one Jag' at the Jack-O-V
When we got up on the highway, too
Run away to the hood and we workin' with some new rules
Can't be one who
Go to the hideout, make a call for some new tools
And I'm feelin' these fools, we
got beef who can die
That want a piece of the pie
But now we got his keys to the
And niggas gotta live slow 'till at lesat if they try

Now we can
flip my bitch named Angela
She my weed and my wipe and handler
Branding her with a tattoo
with my name on it
Make her feel like I'm the man for her
But she lookin'
And somebody at the front door
Now she looking scared
Soon as I let out
the air saying my bitch
Angie up and shot T. in the leg

Should go
through the back door
Feelin' torture and pain
I heard shots in the front
Oh we about
to die
Straight Kamakozi and ride
There are two things from the start
You wanna go to
war, I'll take you to war
I can't make it that easy to ride for me
And when I saw the
enemy, I let it ride
Tell me, is this the end or chapter 3?
They comin' after

Repeat 1 until fade
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