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Artist:Daddy/112/Faith Puff
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Track:Gangsta Shit
Date Added:18/10/2007
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You're all a bunch of fuckin' assholes
You know why?
You don't have the guts
to be what you wanna be
You need people like me
You need people like me so you can point
your fuckin' fingers
And say "That's the bad guy"
So say good night to the bad guy
Last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again

[Puff] To be or not to
[Mase] My mother's wrong
[Puff] That's the question, you feel me?
[Mase] My father
was wrong
[Puff] They say I'm wrong
So they say
[Mase] So they say
[Puff] Ha ha,
come on
It's like this right here
[Mase] To all my niggas, check this out

1 -
[Lil' Kim]
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta

It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta

Ain't another crew like us
That could do like us
See the
world from a view like us
Still always come through like us
They ain't true like
If they only knew like us
It's less than a small few like us
And they ain't pay
dues like us
Never on P's and Q's like us
They don't move like us
They don't have the
right to choose like us
Or get mad cause they ain't grew like us
They ain't on cue like
They don't fit the shoe like us
Don't know who's who like us (who dat?)
ain't aware of the danger
They head's up wit thoroughbred cats
That knock 'em back, they
get the axe
And a hard case to crack
I'm a hard face to track
Fast as they can test
We flip 'em on they backs, like that
The many men that make us great must stay
Cause together, we're hard to break

Repeat 1

Look out mutha fucka
I tried to warn 'em
You don't wanna double cross
Haven't you heard how many guy they lost with us
You don't wanna floss with
Cause shit cost with us
Ain't nobody boss but us
We got force wit us, of course
it's us
It's no being better off than us
And ain't a hotter source than us
And these
streets ain't divorcing us
We ain't got no remorse in us
Know to hold your horse with
No cuttin' shorts with us
Here to stay, no abortin us, no extortin' us
Between us
we got the mic domain and artillery
Therefore, it's all free reign, who's domain
shots ring, who remains, they refrain
Who walks away with the gain
Thorough niggas
that's hard to top
Together we're too hard to stop

Repeat 1

Ain't a bitch like me that can spit like me
Who could say they rich like me
don't hold the four fifth like me
Ain't a hit like me
Nobody load the clip like
Cut coke and flip like me
Make hit after hit like me
Wear the title Queen Bitch
like me
Ya'll ain't good in bed like me
And ya'll don't give head like me
Plus your
crew don't break bread like me
Think about it, this a one shot deal
Ya'll got one shot
When my gunshot peel, that's a one shot kill
I'm so far ahead ya'll can't touch my
land spread
Cause most of ya'll is misled and underfed
Hey, what can I say, I'm a little
Now all aboard if you ridin' my train
Choo chooo, throw it up and represent your
Whether you from the east side (East side)
Or the west side (West

Repeat 1
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