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Artist:Da Ruckus
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Track:150 MCs
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Yo, yo. Its a hundred and fifty emcees. Which one do you be? Count em
I met a
_Redman_ in _Camp Lo_ named _Mic Geronimo_
He'd _Busta Rhyme_ anywhere, he was always on the
He used to live in _Champtown_, but moved to _Slum Village_
In a city Motown that was run
by _Mike Millich_
Lived with _Fat Joe_, in _Ras Kass_'s corridor
Who had a _Crucial
Conflict_ with this man next door
On a _Rampage_, against this kung fu gang
Sensei _Master
P_, of Shaolin's _Wu-Tang_
He'd meditate with _Cool J_'s, and phillies of
Practicin the grain style, and the praying mantis
Increased his _Eye-Cue_,
studying the _five V's_
And had more styles, than _MJ has got G_'s, uhh
One time, he was
And the neighboor told _Da Sensai_, he didn't want it
The sensei asked him to
choose his weapon
The A-_KRS_, the _Nine_ or the _Mack 10_
He chose a shotgun, since he was
from Bucktown
As he blast a _Buckshot_, the sensei, he Ducked Down
Hit his _Dogg's Nate_
_Snoop_ and the _Spice-One_ rack
The sensei didn't even have a chance to blast back
bloodshot and _Puffy_, and got up like _Scarface_
(Pacino: ""Say hello to my little
Lettin' off a _Dirty Dozen_, now it's a car chase
Gunfight now turns to a deadly
car ride
The sensei didn't see _Da Brigade_, on _The Pharcyde_
Crashed his chevy, _Kid
Capri_ head on, was thrown 20 feet
But he didn't bet on
Being scooped by _A Tribe Called
Quest_ and cared for
Until his wounds healed, he then declared war
Called up _Jay and A, who
both drove a Z_
Already wanted, for _Jayo Felonies_
And _Missy Elliot_, who also had a
The judge will _Punisher_, for sprayin' illegal _Mase_
A Misdemeanor, but the judge
was _Kurupt_
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