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Artist:Da Bush Babees
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Track:The Love Song
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Featuring Mos Def]
[Mos Def]
Everybody.. should get down oh yes (oh yes) oh yes

IntroChorus One: Mos Def
Everybody groove to the music
and do what you like to oh
yeah (oh yeah)
Chorus Two: Mr. Man (Mos Def)
Bush Babees (Bush Babees)
Y'all know we
rock thorough (Yeah we rock thorough)
For the whole world (The whole world)
boroughs.. so check it out
* Chorus One seperate then Chorus Two overlaps One *
I came
all the way from Brooklyn to present my rep
Lyrically deep like sleep; I rock hard like Led
I take steps and leave impressions on planets
More complicated than life so rappers
can not understand it
Talking that hardcore shit; but I don't buy it
Sit down eat your
slice of pizza and be quiet!
Cause all that noise you talk is not needed
I cut headz off
at the knees and leave em all defeated
So stay seated, or get deleted from the program
it be known I don't follow cause I'm my own man
with my own plan, cause the mind is infinite

We got four minutes, so everybody get widdit!
* Chorus One and Chorus Two combined *

Chorus Three: Mos Def
Cause all my people out in Brooklyn get LOVE
Cause all my
people out in Queens get LOVE
Uptown and Boogie Down you get LOVE
Strong IslandShaolin you
get LOVE
[Mr. Man]
You can send MC's in - squads of six and we take two each
I stand
out like seeing Moses at the beach - splitting waves
My style's the newest rhyme craze

Blow up, like grenades, hit words, without shades
Hold ya lighter, the Flatbush dolla camp
Roll with more Dangerous Minds than Michelle Pfeiffer
Pay the piper, I lay the pipe
just like a plumber
Went without a ride for one too many summers, NOW
I'm out
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