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Artist:Da Brat F/ Mac Daddy (Kris Kross)
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Track:Come And Get Some
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse 1 - Da Brat (Mac Daddy)
Get down... ain't no room to mess around
When Da
Brat-tat-tat-tat's all up in your town
I'm in the front with a blunt never playing the
It's that new nigga on the block and I don't slack
Ta- dow now (I know you love how I
put it down)
Now (I know you love how my shit sounds)
So close your eyes as I mesmerize
your mind
1 time 2 times 3 times I'm
Not that bitch to be fucked with or seen
puttin it down ain't no thing bitch you know the routine
Either recite what I write or hold
that ass
Cause ain't no seeing this G be hitting your ass with a blast
Now (There I go
there I go there I go)
(With my funkdafied funkdafied westside flow)
If you ain't down you
best to get down quick
Cause ain't another bitch (like) this bitch (right) shit

When your in the mood to flow let me know
Cause to me it ain't no thing I'm always
ready to go
So I know that you know that I know you gets none
But if you want some come
and get some

(Verse 2)
To be or not to be fucked with is Da Brat with some
gangsta shit
I'm cappin any nigga that step or disrespecting my click
It be the crooked
letta O double that once more
Def and I have yet to speak on this bad ass ho
How many
bitches do you that kick shit like this bitch
No nothers so others witness the rack-ed
As I bust shit niggas can't fuck with
This bad mamma jamma lick shots like twin
glocks and plus it's
On, till I let them fools disperse
Ghetto bust proper first verse
after verse
It gets worse as I puff on the chronic smoke
Me and my pad locc up I smoke up
and niggas get broke
Off, tossed like a cloth
I gives a fuck about what niggas say how
they walk how they talk
Cause to meet 'em y'all needs to quit
Cause in '94 I be the wrong
bitch to fuck with


(Verse 3 - Mac Daddy)
Now as the
sound breaks down let me slide up in
The M-A-C's who I be Kris Kross is who I represent

For so very long
But this time I'm with Da Brat and once again it's on
With the K to the K
(by the way) dum di di dum
Mr. Mac pack now can I drop the bomb
Saggin all dressed in
I'm the nigga with them braids shades khakis and pimp packs
Leanin to the side
peepin out the scene
Niggas on my dick cause I got green and I'm a fiend
To the microphone
which I'm known to rock
Bangin till the boogie end boogie time I'm hip hop
I know you
still feel
The devastation of my lyrics so please kneel
To the king that I may very
The macadocious A-town player the M-A-C

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