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Artist:DA BAND
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Track:What We Gonna Do
Date Added:18/10/2007
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What we gonna do tonight,
What we gettin into tonight
What we gonna do
What we gettin into tonight

uh, you know what happens when your girl
go out, she pop up a month later up on Girls Gone Wild.
Say cheese you on canded camera in your
birthday suit like a go go dancer. Ain't nothin funny I ain't Jo Jo dancer E Ness
puff L's like
I promote cancer. And I ain't gotta keep a pick up line, Im a PIMP so you can kiss where the sun
don't shine.

[Young City Choppa]
I pull up in that platinum buggy, club hot actin
lovely in the spot where it's packed and jumpin. You can catch me in the
cut tryin to wrap the
yucky-sticky-icky stuff holla at your youngin (whoop-whoop)
Im back on hit the macks on it.
Girls love to touch and put they back on me. I don't wanna be your man Im into one
stands,you know we doin it big and straight boning

It's more room in the VIP you can come take a seat by
What we gonna do tonight
Get it poppin making a love scene,
plenty room in the Limoscene
What we gonna do tonight
Babygirl leave
it up to me I wanna bite threw your panie string
What we gonna do
Cause I got sexy things I wanna do that'll get you in the mood

Rode deep to the club my truck is packed. If there ain't enough room lap
it up in the back. Circle the block, pull up in
the parkin lock. We all smell like weed cause we
spark alot. Table reserved, chicks stand up when they see me. Flag down the
waitor get an
applemartny. All night stuntin doin it up. A bunch of best style bitches with big a
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