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Artist:DA BAND
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Intro: (Puff)]
Ladies and gentlemen
Its about that time, the moment you've all been waitin
Da Band Talk to em
Somethin happens when you touch me
I get open, and my
legs starts quivering
This sensation, emotions take control of me
Its a temptation, i dont
knows whats come over me

Yeah baby, tonights the night
Ima ride that thing
like a motor bike
Grab my waist and hold it tight, im not frontin
You think i bought a box
of Lifestyle for nothin
Please i got blunts you supply the weed
Im the best so baby keep yo
eyes on me
Its about time i get mine nigga im ready
And sex aint the bomb if the girl is

Listen ma, we been chillin out for a minute
And right now im in
the mood to straight hit it
We know enough about each other, i been patient
Look, but every
nigga got his limits
Im tired of waitin, i feel like tonight is the night
To get Bucky Ball
naked and make love all night
You aint gotta worry bout me bustin in quick seconds
I can
handle mine plus im young and energetic, you ready

[Sara] Toniiight
Yeah daddy i know you want it cuz its extra tight
[Ness] Yeah mommy im gon make sure its extra
[Sara] Ill Be your Mary Jane, it aint a game, ill get ya high, toniiight
[Babs] Im a
bad girl and bad girls do bad things
[Ness] And im a bad boy so girlfriend do your
[Sara] Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da

[Fred aka Miami]
So where
were you at ma show me a sign
I been peepin ya all night
And your alright
The reason im
starin im comparin
Some things we may have in common
And tell ya comin on our plane to
I love how you abuse the charm
You got a Bad Boys tellin leave them fool
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