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Artist:DA BAND
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Track:How U Like Me Now
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Oo ma how you like me now
Now that you know that im blingin
Oo you coulda took me
Now you sittin reminescin about my time you wasted
You seen me spending
Coulda done something
But you did nothing
You was just a waste of my

Girlfriend never take you out to eat with me
She threw her hand on my
Started teasin me
Told me "Imagine how good we could be" [Ness]

When i was
walkin you aint had no raps
Now im ballin look whos talkin bitch imagine that
You tried to
play me cause your ass was fat
Think you look cute cause your hair is done?
I got a deal now
here you come
All of a sudden wanna speak to me
Re-sently wanna peice of me
your self have some desceny
Im in the top five no you cant creep wit me
Girl friend you
nothing but a freak to me
Girlfriend never take you out to eat with me
She threw her hands
on my crach started teasin me
And said "Just think of how good we could be"
I told her "I
dont give in that easily"
Hip to the bull shit she was feedin me
DAMN she got a body but
shes a flea
Gold digga all she wanted was some cheese from me



Just got out from the club wylin out
Yall know
me Lord Chopper
Donkey eggin actin a ass yall cant stop us
Throwin bows cratchin ya noes
rubbin on hoes
Checkin two-ways
Liting or smokin on optomos
On the real
If yo club
be bumpin we be present
V.I.P. sessions
Hot girls im down to undress them
Fuck it
Chellys lets do it in the back of a truck
We can get down n dirty Whats up?
Cause i dont
give a Uh Unh
Crissy poppa, Mix it with the hen n vodka
See im the king and my jungle call
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