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Artist:D-12 F/ Eminem
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by D-12 F/ Eminem
Track:My Words Are Weapons
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Chorus x 2]
My words are weapons
(I use em to crush my opponents)
My words are
(Never show no emotion)
My words are weapons
(I use em to kill whoever
steppin to me)
My words are like weaponry on a record

The rage I
release on a page is like a demon unleashed in a cage
Lunatic, Soon as I hit the stage

My mind is like a fuckin stick of dynamite
Once I get behind tha mic its like the weakest
bitch you bitches die tonight
My nine is like a guiding light at night shinin' bright
fuckin whip is tighter then my wife's vagina SIKE
These cocksuckin cocks
Got my Smith
and Wesson
I guess its time to pick a different weapon man that shits depressin
Swift is gettin me a new one for a Christmas present
[Swift] - Come on Slim lets go teach this
fuckin bitch a lesson
They managed to confiscate the pistol that I brandish
But my plan
is to use this bullshit to my advantage
Shady stay creative baby hold your head up don't u let
One bit of this motherfuckin suckers you a soldier get up
Stand up for what you
believe in as long as u breathin
They jealous of you man that's the only reason they beefin'

[Chorus x 2]

Its that Dirty Dozen renegade
You did pull
out the pin from my grenade
38's will move your shit up out the way
You niggas wont
forget about McVay
You got sumtin to say let it out today
And watch these bullets spray

From these ten black fingers huggin these deadly millimeters
That will make Jeff Dahmers
look like he caught a misdemeanor
See I'm dirty so I ain't gotta to buy pistol cleaner

An official beater don't let me see you with your heater
You get swift with it
Tell that
mutherfucker Swift did it
You packing sumtin special in your crib then bitch get it
physically fitted to run your digits
I'm hostile with this roscal pointed up your nostrils

You get splitted and guess what I'm blowin up the hospital
And wouldn't give a fuck if
you a cop or a ho
I'm hannibal lector the spinal cord connector findin whores
And lockup
in motels and inject em

[Chorus x 2]

I'm eating crews like I'm
There's no way I could be the gay rapper
(Em - Why Not?)
I only fuck
Snoop and Trick got my dick starting to itch
Went to my mothers grave site and
called her a stupid bitch
One on one in this blood sport
I'm in divorce court

Suin' my bitch off a pack of Newports
6 times I've been arrested
How would you feel if
you let your ho witness that always got molested
I'm smokin dank drinkin drink
I cant
have any kids cuz I'm fuckin shooting blanks
Don't you know Bizarre don't give a fuck

Nicole's a whore and I'm glad O.J murdered his slut
Responsibility I'm negligent
Clintons a fag should be stabbed
Let Richard Simmons be president
Call me a weirdo

Call me bazeer
While I stick up your ass till while you shit diarrhea
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