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Track:Ill Be Damned
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Proof - Intro]
Yeeaah! This is DJ Seven Deuce, live at
Club Runyan, where all girls with
burgundy hair get in free.
G-Unit in da house! What up baby.
Performin' live tonight live on
stage. . .Captain Save-'em-hoe,
and the fabulous Case y'all. Stick 'em out y'all.
All my
Detroit playas, let's go!

[Kon Artis - Chorus]
I ain't set the stroke and I ain't for
I just came to fuck and maybe get some brain.
I got a woman at the crib so I ain't
your man.
I'll be damned, I'll be damned, I'll be damned.
You know all I really wanna do is
fuck. I ain't
gon' let a money hungry women set me up.
And if you think I'm that stupid you
done pressed your luck.
I'll be damned, I'll be damned, I'll be damned.

You gave right. Yes I love monage--tois
and I got drawers as big as guys's big
I'm a trick daddy nigga, so bitch how you figure
that I wouldn't turn my niggas on to
you when I hit ya.
I probably could forget ya if I hadn't been drunk,
but choke a dunkadunk,
keep my mind on hump.
When my mind's on hump to me my .9's in the trunk,
and Denaun got a
line for every fine bitch I hunt.
Not once, twice, but three times the lover
that your man
is, and I'm a freak undercover.
I got plans for you, trick, I don't need a baby mother.
got five of them motherfuckers tryin' to smother me already.
We can't go steady, but you can
give me head.
Give me that, get the hell out my bed, and leave the shit.
My chap lips will
cut nipples when breast fed,
and on the way, leave the bread with Achman.
I'd love for you
to stay but I got another date,
with a fat chick that eat cake on playskates.
She rubbed my
funky ass feet and fee
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