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Track:Nasty Minds
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[girl giggling] Stop!
You want me to do what? What are those?
You want me to stick those in
your what?

[Bizarre laughing]

[Chorus: Bizarre Truth Hurts]
What is on yo'
nasty mind (nasty mind, nasty mind)
Don't you wanna get fucked from behind (from behind, from
Then treat me like a dirty slave (dirty slave, dirty slave)
And beat me like I won't
behave - I just wanna get freaky baby!

[Swifty McVay]
Huh, I'm too swift on my toes to
get caught up wit you hoes
You don't know me, see I ain't gotta front or play the role
an O.G., I know when you bein phony
See you probably bonin them officers just to pull up on
That's why sixty percent of women is lonely
They get in my mix only, then try to creep
slowly because they nosy
I ain't listen to what, my momma told me
I fuck 'em and pass to my
homies (right)
Then he fuck 'em and pass 'em to the homies (take her)
I'm a nasty-ass
macaroni; you flashin fast money
you can pass a Roley FUCK a alimony
If you want me, and
ain't out screamin about your monthly
I'll be stickin yo' pretty ass until you turn ugly
You suddenly see stars when fuckin me
Ain't no menages, I want 'em in threes,
release your garments (trick)
It ain't even me to hold back, I fucked yo' moms quick
her runnin around this bitch screamin, "That's my dick!"

Yo I know I'm
dogmatic, but yo' pussy walls done had it (that's right)
It's evident that you've been fuckin
like a jackrabbit
But I stay focused, so I acted like I didn't notice (mm-hmm)
And fucked
her with no baby lotion and bust in the soapdish
Hoe you can quote this - your breath is smellin
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