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Album:Devils Night
Track:Devils Night
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I make music to make you sick of fake music
Hate music
Like devil worshipping
Satan music
So say your prayers, your Hail Mary's, and Jesuses
Take two sticks and tape
'em together to make a crucifix
Try to stop it but you can't do it
A whole generation of
kids blowing out their fucking brains to this
Kurt Cobain music
Students converted to
'caine users
As soon as they heard it
Went out and murdered and main to it
your name...

Got my nine with six sharp shooters
Now let's
do this
I got niggas that's used to static
You don't understand how I'm all up in you
niggas TV's like Carolan
I'm a poltergeist
Lyrically I'm supposed to strike
Trying to
snatch this mic
You get cracked with moisonite(??)
(Swifty get your own woman)
I want
his wife!
I'm the type to go to gambling parties with trick dice
I rob casinoes
eat those
You think it was the Devil feeding your jalapeƱos?
Now you out of the scene
Shot at your clean clothes
A four-four
Prone to make you niggas breathe

[Chorus: Eminem]
It's Devil's Night
It's Devil's Night
It's Devil's
Cuz I came back to rule this time
It's Devil's Night
Cuz I came back to take
what's mine
It's Devil's Night
It's Devil's Night
It's Devil's Night
Cuz I came
back to rule this time
It's Devil's Night
Cuz I came back to take what's mine
Devil's Night

[Kon Artis]
I'm on the john
Trying to shit and get no
Constipated bitch tell these pigs to back off
The mind of a rapist
never changes
Beat up strangers without a reason
I'm a anus
Walk the street
beat a jack with a glove to match it
Drop the hatchet I put my head on opposite and step
Walking zombie that's ornery
Pulling on robberies on politicians without a sense
of comradery

I can concoct the nine flat
Plus I run with the
Hop on the motorcycle busting wheelies over ya chest
Bystanders standing by thinking
nowhere to mess
Blast you every hicky that them bitches put on your neck
What the fuck do
you expect when the slugs get dealt?
And make you feel every ounce of pain that Bugz had
A deranged teen
Smoking ganja and greens
This carbean'll make your fucking head
shake like tambourines
I pledge alleigance to the streets of the D
And if you think you
out cold catch a piece of this heat
And when it blast it'll take off every piece of your
From her berets to her cheeks to her cute little


I'm trying
My little
boy's dying
He's losing too much iron
And if I die it won't be because I got
It'd be because I tied my arm in a sock and smoked rock
Taking drugs is
That's why I buy 'em
Shoot 'em in my ass
Let your little brother try
Ten years is what I'm facing
Police breaking in my house
Lil' Bow Wow in the
A rapist that'll bust in your mouth
I'll probably be in jail 'fore this fucking
album comes out
I'm eighteen years old still shit in the bed
Beating till I'm
Fear nothing but water and bread
Me and Ken
Fucking dirty Jen
So what if it
Bitch when I stick it in
No medication
I'm out of percasets
I lost my
Plus my fucking diaper's wet

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