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Album:Devils Night
Track:Bizarre Skit
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Bizarre: Man, did you see that ho with them big titties?
Kuniva: Yo nigga, what's goin on
Bizarre: What up my nigga?
Kuniva: Nuttin man yo... This is my girl SinD right
SinD, this is Bizarre I was tellin you about. My nigga.
Look I'm about to run in the
store and get some forties and a
couple of blunts, man why don't you go to the store with
Bizarre: Allright.
Kuniva: Allright bet, I'll be back in a little bit
Bizzare: Aight my nigga.
Kuniva: Aight.

("Bizzare's gonna rape ya"
playing in the background)

SinD:So how long you been on Eminem?
Bizzare: Eminem?
Shit, I don't know Eminem, I'm just in town
for this little jazz festival and shit. You know,
something on the
side. Yo can I get you some sparkling water and shit? You want
some more
SinD:No, no, no thanks
Bizarre:How 'bout some pig feet?
SinD:Naw, I'm
straight. I'm ready to smoke. Damn, what's takin
the Kuniva so long?


SinD:No the fuck you didn't!
Bizarre:Girl, chill out, that shit came from my
soul. Fuck that shit
you better out dead youknowimsayin. And I want you to give me
little kiss though.

*Bizzare farts again*

SinD:A kiss? Kiss you
Bizzare:Allright I'ma tell you, I'ma tell you, I'ma tell you in
On my booty
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