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Artist:C-Murder F/ Soulja Slim, Da Hound
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Track:On the Run
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Go head big baby
Soulja Slim's in this mothafucker with Da Hound from girttown and C
mothafucking Murder
Know what
I'm saying for the 19 9nickel and three mothafucking
Shit's getting real

[Soulja Slim]

Its the glock born shooter so
respect him don't neglect him
But check him, quick to blast bullets off in your
You better ask some fucking body bout Soulja Slim I murdered them
and I keep
it cocked at all times come look at him
I'm inviting you to danger
You best to be a
One that don't miss I'm TRU to this I've been raised
blues an shit I trained myself
for combatBust back as I react
On every attack so niggaz keep your mouths closed
And eyes
My trigger finger itching to be stroking
Praying and hoping
One of you niggaz
build ya'll nuts up to come try me
Last nigga done it bloody body
Him couldn't get by me,
why me
A soldier that has a backround of murders and robbery
That shit that used to be my
Never do it sloppy, make the job well done
Get rid of the murder weapon get a new
I'm on the run

[Chorus x2]

I'm on the run, so all you bitch niggaz
leave me alone
I'm on the run, ducking 2 shots to the dome


ain't no limit to the mothafucking bitches we fuck
My tank niggaz bout to make the world blow
We get rowdy in the club, so show me some love
Its been 2 years since I possessed some
Nigga hard times is a thing of the past
Give me 2 keys and I'm gone give you back
I'm a hustle til I'm dead, ball til I fall
I won't rest til they put my name on the
TRU niggaz gone ride, playa haters gone die
Cause after dolllars and cents only the
strong survive
With bulletproof Hummers and multiple pistols
With solid gold tanks and
multiple missles
I'ma bust until I can't bust no more
The Magnolia, Girttown with the
I'ma No Limit Soldier they be some soldiers too
I represent them killers cause
they in my crew

[Chorus x2]

[Da Hound]

I just hit the streets with
my beer
Them niggaz know what time it is
Clear up the streets bitches put away your
Shit I'm going out like a gangsta did
Mothafuckers gotta get it how ya live
were you niggaz was were you niggaz here
Take a short vacation and niggaz struck fear
I'm bout to break it down to the nitty gritty
Nigga act shitty I'ma bring 'em back to the days
of nitty
Give me a Bud, pop the lid take a swig
Give me the other bud, roll a spliff take
a hit
I gotta leave 'em how I left 'em down and out
Running about, happy more than a smith
n wesson
I took my pistol I struck it to the ground
I want something go buck about a 100
fucking rounds
Plus I want the poi and fucking furl
I'm a broke off that 11500 fuck that
Shit give me the wig watch me split it ya dig
Too many niggaz ain't pretty but this
nigga is
I got to do 'em like my cousin Dave do
den we tap dem lights mothafucka hey
Catch the ground up the shit I'ma pistol whip
I be around fuck don't let me catch a
nigga slip

[Chorus x2]
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