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Track:Gs And Macks
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:chorus: X2
This is here for the g's and mack's
Real niggas ride burbans and lac's
see this shit here for the g's and mack's
Ain't trippin on a bitch cause a bitch get smacked

Now when i come to a club nigga I got to be clean
All the real
gangstas know what I mean
A man ain't shit if his gear ain't tight
I mack a ho and sip on
hen all night
You go respect me bitch for the title I hold
My pinky ring,50 g's pink
diamonds ya know
Real g's roll with thugs that a make you bleed
You got a problem talk to
the niggas I feed
I'll mack ya momma if the pussy was cool
G strings up the ass she be
actin a fool
Tattoo of a teardrop under my eye,
I walk with a limp cause i got shot in the
But that pussy ass nigga ain't here no mo'
I got a repataion for eliminating a ho'

I erase niggas fool,so they don't come back
Game reconize game with the G's and Mack's

chorus x2

(Silkk the Shocker)
Now game reconize game you know I'm all about
making some cheese!
I ? in them ho's face I shake them ho's like keys!
Nigga pussy come
last I'm usually about clockin some dough!
She say she got a old man,that ain't never stop me
You can tell nigga,we some G's and Mack's because G's and Mack's
Usually ride D's
and Lac's
And if I get dollar bills ussualy i'll have cheese to stack
And if I give a
trick something usually I'll ease it back
Now you see it don't stop nigga on these switches I
Off the top,niggas go jock,watch how many bitches i get
MISTER Paperchaser, Mr. AK
Mr. ride everythang from New York to the motherfucking Bay nigga
If the tank on
it,or m
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