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Taken from the album Bossalinie (edited) by C-murder
Album:Bossalinie (edited)
Track:Nasty Chick
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Listen up motherfuckers i got a story to tell
All you niggas out there holding
hands with these motherfuckers street
Them motherfuckers behind doors holding meat
might be holding a nasty ass

Chorus (2x):

Nasty bitch, gonna fuck my boy

Now how you gonna fuck my boy
That's why i don't love them hoes
You can't trust these dog
ass hoes

Verse: 1

I was in love like a motherfucker with this bitch
uhh, i wasn't doing nothing but making her rich (shit)
But damn, she used to played it so
I guess she must take c for a fool
I swear the sex had my motherfucking mind
And i was tweeking like a fiend for that heroin
And when i put it in, the way that
she moaned,
Made me never ever wanted to leave her alone
The back rubs in the hot tubs,
watching videos
It made me crawl when she took it all down her throat
Surprise, shit i hit
her with a five karat
And later on we can talk about marriage (huh)
Ya name tatted on my
chest, fuck them other broads
We hold hands when we walking through the shopping malls
brother told me v charge it to the game
But uhh, listen up, cause it's a motherfucking

Chorus (2x)

Verse: 2

I used to page this girl about ten times
a day
But after 9, she was hard to find
One-of-a-kind, huh, so i was blind with the
problems we had
Found a number in her purse, said it was her dad
I got a phone call from
my nigga jubilee
He told me, he saw my girl in the movies
With another nigga, nut it
wasn't me
I said man, you must be tripping, nigga it couldn't be
I thought it was love,
but i guess the love was gone
So then i put up the phone and then i went home
Park the
car, walked in the door, walked up the stairs
And i damn near slipped on her underwear

Opened the bedroom door, seen a ho,
With a nigga ro, bout to grab my fo-fo, hold
bitch i thought we loved each other
Nasty bitch gonna fuck my brother

Bitch, get the
fuck out my house,
Pick up your dirty ass draws, get that cum off your chest,
And wipe
your motherfucking mouth, and get the fuck out, biatch!
Fuck you gonna fuck my motherfucking
Ol' cheesy ass ho
I didn't like you anyway
I catch you in the club,
i'ma sneak your ass
Fuck, nasty bitch

Chorus (2x)
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