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Taken from the album Bossalinie (edited) by C-murder
Album:Bossalinie (edited)
Track:Lord Help Us
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Our world is hopeless, and we have no where to go
Our children are hungry,
and we can't feed the poor
Were really hopeless, spread some love before
And love that and
hold in
Lord i really miss my friends
Lord please help us

as i walk through the streets i see many people under pressure
Cause uh life ain't easy and you
know this world gon' test ya
My daddy told me c one day you gon' be faced with this
And you and only you must find the knowledge to solve it
My momma said lord gives
us tests to measure our faith
And if you really believe in god, then you shall smile on
judgement day
Cause at the crossroads ain't no hunger, and every man the same color
when it's my time to open 'em gates cause uh
I really miss my brother
And you the only man
that can judge me
So please guide me to the right direction
And why can't i put this gun
up and use my bible for protection
And it's an everyday struggle, don't expect nothing to
change in a week
But lord help us in this hopeless world
Cause i don't wanna die in the


Now i done been stop shedding tears, now my
eyes bleed when they cry
And i never understand why, everybody gotta die
And everything
that's born gotta go, and i really think that's a shame
And i'm so tired of reminiscin'

Trying to put a face to a name
You put my grandfather in my life, and then you took him
Yeah, big daddy used to drink but uh, he gave me a place to stay
And many kids
starving overseas, and even right here on my block
My auntie told me in the year 2000 that the
world was gon' stop
Now i don't wanna question you lord, but is violence really the answer

And if not, then how come so many innocent people diein' of the cancer
Now revolations say the
world gon' end, but the world ain't over yet
And it's up to us to move on, but in our hearts
we'll never forget


They say god created man, and put
man on this earth
And then came woman from there, and from there, there was birth
And ever
since eve gave adam the apple, the bible's like the spell
And introduced mankind, not only to
heaven, but a place called hell
Even though we try to repent, it's too many gangstas taking us
My cousin tried to leave the streets, and now he laying in the ground
And jesus died
for our sins, but i wonder if he wasted his time
Cause it's 1999, and this world is still
Now i don't wanna lose my freedom, cause i'm this close to making it big
Now i don't
know if i'm a make a difference
But i just wanna be there for my kids
Now that's a
hopeless situation, when will it end, i don't know
But lord help cause your children, ain't got
no where else to go

Chorus 3x
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