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Track:1nce Upon A Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Silkk The Shocker]
Once apon a time in a crack house (a crack house)
a nigga was chopping
up a key (a key)
It was drought season (season)
And everybody was fiending (fiending)
they had to come and buy their dope from me

It all started back in the crack house

When I was counting up some dope and some mail
Now beaucoup pagers for sale
But I
ain't have no more fucking yail
I had to get me some more
But all the dope is stupid move
kinda slow
Black Adam we gonna go bust down in Texas
You know that's where I get my dope
Taz was sweating kinda harder
So I took that plane ride to Georgia
But just remember
that I was sitting on that thang
And that half that I got down in Florida
I had a bird but
I chopped it up and I put it down to rocks (rocks)
That's when I make my come up, I hit my
fucking block
Fiends was constant fucking sweating, now get out da door
I chop dimes to
nickels, fuckers wanna see me chop some more
10's grow to 20's, 20's grow to 50's
We need
some yale, holla at your nigga
Or just come and get me

Dear God can you
hear me
My love for money's gonna kill me
Ya got me selling crack to the children
its a shame cuz I love how I'm living

Peekin out the window, tryin to cope with a run of
that indo
Parinoid as the fuck while I'm breaking down this kilo
Like some money to be made,
ain't had dope in four days
As the fiends knock I keep off the block till Mr. gets
Selling phat packs, when I first react it's like dat
Pay man in flat
Throwing this
block of dope trying to make my money back
Front you something bitch, front me some
But if you ain't got no G's, shit nigga I can't hollar
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