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Artist:Cledus T. Judd
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Track:Cledus the Karaoke King
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Cledus T. JuddChris Clark, Cledus Crap Anthems (SESAC)Of Music (SESAC)

It's Thursday night
down at Taco Mac
It's like a can of sardines the way the place is packed
They're piled in
here for just one thing
It aint the beer battered greased soaked onion rings
To hear
(Cledus) the karaoke king

Well Im the biggest star that ever hit this town
Heck I'm
known for at least a mile around
I'm a vocal chameleon after a couple of brews
I sound like
Vince, Garth, Terri Clarke, and Reba too
When I sing I swear the girls come unwound
And my
friends in low places always brings the house down
They all put down there beer and wings
hear (Cledus) the karaoke king

I'm a part time beautician
A Wanna be musician
I was
born with it in my blood
I'm a mover and a shaker
A request taker
And the president of
my own fan club
I sign eight by tens for all my friends beats all you've ever seen
It wont
be long until I get a record deal
(It's Cledus) the karaoke king

I guess you'll
wondering what I'm still doing round here
Since I won the Kross French karaoke competition last
I sang
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