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Artist:Cledus T. Judd
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Track:Mindy McCready
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Parody of Little Bitty by Alan Jackson (Tom T. Hall) Halfnote Music (BMI)
New lyrics by Richard
FaganCledus T. Judd If Music, Inc. (ASCAP)Cledus Crap AnthemsLa-Po Music, Inc. (SESAC)

Uh...I met Shania Twain and I met ol Tim McGraw
Billy Ray Cyrus and little David
A little bit of luck and my life will be complete
There's a little bitty blonde that
I'd really want to meet

I sure like Mindy McCready
Start pumpin iron and a-eatin my
Got to get in shape
If I want to get a date
But first I gotta lose a little bit
of weight


My little bitty sweetie in her little nighty gown
A litty
bitty kiss and I'd probably come unwound
I love to watch her dance and I like to watch her
Want a little better look at her belly button ring

I sure like Mindy
Take a little ride down to Panama City
Just the two of us on her little bitty
With a whole lot of love and whole lot of lust


I work a little
job for a crummy little check
Heck I'd trade it all for a hug around the neck
Paid a lot of
hope for my little bitty scheme
Cause I could never fit in her litte bitty jeans

I'm a
good old boy she's a pretty little girl
Wish I had a chance to rock her little bitty
I'm a little bit insane cause I love her somethin fierce
Gonna go and get my big old
belly button pierced


I'd sure like to meet Mindy McCready
Give me half a
chance and buddy yes indeed-y
Guys do it all the time I'd better get in line
Better go and
buy her some of Deana Carter's wine

I sure love Mindy McCready
Start pumpin iron and
a-eatin my Wheaties
Got to get in shape
If I want to get a date
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