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Artist:Cledus T. Judd
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Track:Katie Bar The Door
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Cledus T. Judd (No Relation), Bruce Burch, Freddy Weller, BLT Publishing (BMI), Bruce Burch Music
(SESAC), Young World Publishing (BMI)

I could tell the way she held me
Out on that
sawdust floor
That later on that evening
It be Katie bar the door

No wedding band
was a showin
But I wasn't looking too hard
The next thing I knew we pulled up to the Blue
Moon trailer park

She poured us a double
Then she pulled the shades on down
And I
was in hog heaven
Till I started lookin around
I saw cigars in the ashtray
Then I saw an
old twelve gauge
Then I heard his truck come a driving up
And I can see myself blown

Katie bar the door
Is that your husband coming home
(I think he's
I took it for granted
You were living here alone
(What am I going to do???)
don't think he'd believe me no matter what I said
Katie bar the door hide me underneath the

Cause he came in about half drunk
And thank God he didn't see
My red underwear
on the rabbit ears
Of that black and white TV
I's under the bed all doubled up
And my
kidneys about to bust
The dust fell off that box springs
As those two fell into lust
huh hoo hoo hoo hoo

I laid real still the morning came and he went on off to work
she leaned over that Posturepedic
With that I still want you flirt
A sane man would have
went on home
But that's something I ain't never been
Somehow the day just slipped
Katie there he is again

Katie bar the door
Is that your
husband coming home
(I'm in a mess)
I took it for granted
You were living here
(He's got a gun)
I don't th
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