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Artist:Cledus T. Judd
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Track:Did I Shave My Back For This? (Parody Did I Shave My Legs F
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Cledus T. JuddDeana CarterRhonda Hart)

A Mason jar full of shine; a CD of LeAnn Rimes.

Is what I bought for our anniversary tonight.
Now here I stand, with my Petunias in hand.

And you've got a headache again.

I hit a yard sale, cut my toenails,
Trimmed my
nose hairs just right.
I thought you'd be impressed, by my new huntin' vest,
But there's
no chance tonight.

It ain't the first time this year; it'll be TV and beer.
I 'bout
forgot what it's like to be kissed.
As I sleep on the floor, while she sniffles and snores.

Did I shave my back for this?

Ow, this things duller than a dead blade butter knife.

Now I bet she'll regret the fact that she didn't let,
Me take her to that motel with
a pool.
You know it's so hard to find free HBO and Showtime.
And them vibratin' beds sure
are cool.

I souped up the RV, fired up my flowbe,
Trimmed my toupee just right.

Tried self-tanning cream, it turned my skin green,
Er, you know the directions said that
it might.

Well it's a mystery to me, why she don't like Cledus T.
Most find me hard
to resist.
I'm wearin' my brand new drawers, and wonderin' what the heck for!
Did I shave
my back for this?

Deanna, did I shave my back for this?
Ooh ooh ooh.
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