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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Here i go for all the ladies screamin my name,
wats my name,let me tell u rite now, itz
try this game u r gonna walk just the same,
as the other cats who tried 2 put me
out,well shame,
i ave seen so many h8ers in my day,
but them sucka all walked out all the
same way,
with their down coz my sound just brought them down,
so ere i go now, the new
king,give me my crown.

my name says it all im hot,i blow up the spot,
i dont fuck- so
h8ers suck my cock,
coz im juz hot and u not,i got game,
whereas u juz bring shame, coz the
ladies love me,
and they think im lovely,
till i get vokda and the bubbly,and they fuck me..
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