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Taken from the album General Population by C-Block
Album:General Population
Track:So Strung Out
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now Im all alone, sittin in my room in a corner
starring at the wall and Im wishin I was on
mission but Im fishion in an empty bowl
cocain got my brain and Im sweatin cause Im ice
hold on for a minute whats that sound
raise up to my feet paranoid lookin all
up down on the ground is it reality
damn I always feel like somebodys watchin
now let me find another plan lookin for a plot
lookin for the man with the sack to get
shot lay him down cause it dont be makin me none
cocain on my brain and I gotta get me
some - !!

Im so strung out and now I dont know what to do
should I just
take my life away
dear god or will you pull me trough?
Im so strung out some how my
has gone astray
so as I lay me down to sleep
please lord now take my soul

ohh ohhho ohhho / ohh ohhho ohhho

Another mystery sittin in anoter
at twelve noon I hope that someting
happen soon Im crawlin still burning
my knee
at 45 degrees
Im saying please let it be somethig
in a form of a rock I cant stop

cause the spot getting hot tick tock
I see the devil clear in my past it cant last
Im running out of cash
a stash I remember from december
my mind gone blank and it could
been november now as I feel myself blink
I look at the world one time and then I


Im so strung out, I dont know what to do
should I take my
life away dear God
or will you pull me trough, will you pull me trough
Im so strung out,
Im so strung out

I know that you now that you
living real trife
so lay down
that pipe and think
pick back up your life
just take it away
please god just
it away wont you
just give another day to me


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