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Artist:Cale John
Taken from the album Paris 1919 by Cale John
Album:Paris 1919
Track:The Endless Plain Of Fortune
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Old Taylor said
Old Taylor meant to cry -- oh my
Field Marshall meant
Field Marshall
went away again
Watch out below; the tides
Lean heavily like wine
We are all innocent
in spite of you and me

Then Martha went
Yes Martha went away again
Down in
Where Crocodiles and men fight on
They would have played all night
Even with
loaded dice
It's gold that eats the heart away and leaves
The bones -- to

Segovia watched
Gendarmerie and all that's all
The radio man
did you choose your tune
She walked away in time
She walked a crooked line
gracefully she turned her head
And smiled -- away
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