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Artist:Cale John
Taken from the album Paris 1919 by Cale John
Album:Paris 1919
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Welcome home Macbeth
It's been a long long time
And everyone knows you're here
easy to see they care

Banquo's been and gone
He's seen it all before
He took it
and then he did walk it
He shook it and then he did rock it

And you know it's
You never saw things quite that way
She knew it all
And made you see things all
her way
Somebody knows for sure
It's gotta be me or it's gotta be you
Come on along
and tell me it's alright
It's alright by me

Alas for poor Macbeth
He found a
shallow grave
But better than a painful death
And quicker than his dying breath
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