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Artist:Cale John
Taken from the album Paris 1919 by Cale John
Album:Paris 1919
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Andalucia when can I see you
When it is snowing out again
Farmer John wants
Louder and softer closer and dearer
Then again
Needing you taking you keeping you
leaving you
In a year and a day to be sure
That your face doesn't alter
Your words
never falter -- I love you

I'll be here waiting later and later
Hoping the night
will go away
Andalucia Castles and Christians
Andalucia come to stay
You were lost,
once before, on a day much like this
When you'd made up your mind not to come
And I
couldn't persuade you
Or wait till tomorrow -- or pass the time
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