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Track:I Live
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You know right from the start
They rip society apart
With fear they spread their
When will you people realize
Reducing our rights they're taxing the lights
keep taking more and more
The more laws they make the freedoms they take
What else do they
have in store
Control the TV news
The shameless tactics that they use
They'll take us
all to Hell
Before that I will stand and yell

I live you die
We will rise up and we
will defy
I live

Command and control economy slows
And watch the Government
The people don't scare it's breeding despair
We're sinking so very low

I live
you die
Nowhere from us will they ever hide
I live

Ideas are old respect they have
Their coffers are filled with gold
The communist way's the road that they've
We need to escape their hold

I live you die
Conservative answers we will find

I live
Yes I live
I live you die
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