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Track:Sudden Death
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well right now you found out what life's about
Your friends they might die and you will know
Right now the time is arising for you to go into hiding

Beware of the path you
Don't you run and break

They said be all you can be so you joined the
With no direction you chose the big gun
In two years time you would be in and out you
would see
The world and you'd raise the funds to get grades
All of a sudden there came a

Beware of the path you take
Don't you run and break

We sent troops but
needed more Middle Eastern crazy man
You shipped off to a foreign land
You never expected to
really fight
Everything changes overnight
Your mind is one big death program
Shoot and
kill the foreign man

This conflict you deal with the things you feel
Like killing you
fellow man or the death of your commrade
Don't forget to save your own skin
This fight you
must win if you don't you will die
The Tears in your eyes
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