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Track:Wings Of Destruction
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The world is falling down. But reaping winds reclaim the kingdom that once was a home
to us all
a memory all that remains. As we begin our approach. Their life signs begin to
fade. Wielding
the wickedness that is to come wings of destruction. Seething with anger
to the inferno we fly.
Death from above took the ones that we love now it's up to you and I.
Legions of angels mercury
red glowing eyes. Strike take the night see just how perfectly we
pulverize. Laceration
branding their nation with fire we are disguised from the enemy's eyes
weapons that science
defies incinerator blasting the buildings below burn they will turn targets
of tyranny we
overthrow. Standing mighty and tall with blinding lights and flashing flames we're
laying waste
to it all. Now we control the sky. Seizing the light of the day and ruling the night
will stand in our way well make you fall. Strike with vengeance and spite NAIL THEM
all of our might SLAY THEM. Let the fire fall wings of destruction well take 'em all
feet it
raining down on you domination calls wings of destructions from these hallowed halls
we are
devastating you. We ride on the wind suicidal delight. Do or die to the end. For the fallen

Nothing is over until that we say it's done. Vapors of death darkly billow below see
how they
blacked the sun. Silence is singing loud as your memory gone. Erased eradicate only
victory will carry on
Pre-chorus chorus

Oh the wings of the guiding light
are crushing the will of them all catastrophic coming to call.
The wings know what must be
done. Our task is securely complete desolate lands of defeat.
The wings came surgical strike
maliciously mocking the slain inflict a poisonous pain.
The wings fly beyond the veil. The
Reaper she rides
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