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Track:White Magic
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:From days of Salem when the craft became alive. The Wicken way has seen
the congregation thrive.
The moon and goddess of the earth a solemn face.
But soon they sought such power from a darker
place. Beguiled trapped under
their spell. Repent be tried be sent to hell. Tied to the cross
the witches will burn
alive on this night. White White magic. Turning to black. White magic
turning to
black. The Cauldron curses those the witches do despise. They will fall victim to

their wretched evil eyes. The coven instigates the Equinoxal fire witness deliverance
all that they desire

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
They're turning to black
[Pre-chorus -
They're turning to black.
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