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Track:Kill The Devil
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The evil one we can defeat him. Our mission make him dead and gone.
One from each religion
assembled to take him on. They would go to the
ends of the earth and below to end the game and
kill the Devil Deception
our greatest weapon the priest in black has joined the cause hell
his master and then we will strike without pause. Midnight all the power
of light
well fool the master of lies and kill the Devil [repeat]

Kill Kill the devil. The game was
on midnight approaching the dark disciple
made the call. The formless one took shape the sight
of him left us in awe

Now that we've got you you'll die here today. When
hell freezes over you will
stand in my way. Come hell or high water to rest you will lay. When
you deal
with the devil there will be hell to pay. Blinding light came! The evil is finally

gone the impossible seemingly done. Still we must save ourselves from the
evil that comes
from below. The darkness still lingers within us all
You've got to kill the Devil!
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