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Track:Door To The Unknown
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Spirits unite heed the call from the call from beyond. Sense the sorrow we feel now
that you're
gone. Over the threshold you've crossed into the night lifelessly numb
to the tunnel of light.
Now we will reach the medium channels a ghost. The seance
begins a presence enters it's host
message revealing such things no one could know.
Now here at last the closure that you needed
so door to the unknown you're not alone
Open the gate. The door to the unknown. The door is a
bridge to things best left unseen.
Not from above or below caught in between. Under the archway
it leads to the abyss.
The final goodbye blessed to receive such a gift

Once it was hard to believe but nothing you've felt and nothing you've seen
was like
this unreal nightmarish dream
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