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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'd rather be left alone in you can't confide. You've made your
intentions know you suffocate
my mind. There's nothing to fear
there's no need to hide cause the pain that I feel keeps on
inside and I'm tired of you wasting my time I'm wasting my life with
you sick of
the sight of you. No feeling no laughter. You wear me
down with antimatter. And from you I'll
carry this scar. It makes me
sick that you're the martyr that you are. You let me down time and

time again. You're wasting my time. Within you my faith is hard to
sustain. You're living
a lie I've got to get far away from your constrict
vice. Mistakes that I made with you will
never happen twice I'm closing
you out I'm shutting you down. It's painfully clear I don't want
around and I'm tired of you wasting my time. I'm wasting my life with
you sick of the
sight of you

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
Now you're face to face with your mortality
victimized inside by mortality.
Face to face embrace your own mortality.
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