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Track:Among the Sleep
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm seconds from meeting with the minds berg had to offer
And feed my thoughts to Christ to the
I wake up on a red floor
Axing a dead whore
My dick chewed up, why I let this
bitch give me head for?
Pigs tryin' ta kick down the door, I'm out for me
Opened the sliding
glass door and hopped off the balcony
Fell 30 flights to ? on 10th Av.
Landed on a
FedEx-disguised meth lab
And after it blew up
I woke up and threw up
Stuck my hand in my
pants, my shit ain't chewed up
Wiped the puke from my face
Then leaved this place
With a
4-5 in the waist
At an elitist pace
No breeding space
I step out and show
Within 3 minutes I'm approached for H
Then a shotgun to neck, now loose the
And my scull fragments painted the sky for seconds

Back to my brain
like my brain is a home
While I roll with the fame I still aim at the throne
All my peers
all sleep and I'm the only one not weak
Or am I unconscious dreaming I'm making a speech
this reality or my memory getting milage
Am I staring at the sun or blood vessels in my
Do I make music or is music making me
Is this really all death or just my

I pick my head up, with a face full of drool
Look around the classroom, now
I'm some geek in high school
Get fucked with in the hallway and can't do shit
But write
names on bullets and fill a few clips
No need for rags and vodka, got a locker
With enough
fire-power to war with helicopters
First click to pass, I'm clicking to release
adolescent fist holding 4 police killers
And I ain't paying for the clips I'm spendin'
I shoot up the crowd like a ? convention
Feds storm the building for the sick boy with bal
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