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Track:The C Song
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I don't want to remember
What happened way back when
And I dont really care about
said on CNN

They fill our heads
With all this bad news
From day to day
doesn't really matter what the TV says
I'm not really listening anyway

A man on the
street will ask you
What change you can spare
But you know that underneath it all
all these ragged clothes
He's really just a millionaire
Who lives in a mansion
By the
With a fantastic view
You don't wanna give up just one damn quarter
Now he'll just
have to make due

The little boy up the road... is going to be a big star
He's going to
make it in the world
With a fake smile
And a cheap guitar
He's gonna play a song
the queen and for the king
And you know one day
This little kid
Is going to write a
That the whole world will sing
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