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Artist:Black Train Jack
Taken from the album Youre Not Alone by Black Train Jack
Album:Youre Not Alone
Track:The Lottery
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Some people stuck on struggle
Have to fight for what they are
Suffer through a day to day
That only gets them half as far
Some use it to get closer
To fulfilling their
lifes dream
Some lazily just sit back
And attempt to win at the lottery
I'm going to
try my luck and see
What that reveals
I never tried my best so
I don't know how that
Couldn't it be
Or would you ever believe
How I would live so free
If I
were to win at the lottery
You can't compare an effortless gamble
With a consistent
valiant try
It's like buying a ticket and when you lose
You sit and wonder why the next
problem for
You to deal with
What does the future hold for you
You don't know how to
do anything
Never learned never needed to
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