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Artist:Black Train Jack
Taken from the album Youre Not Alone by Black Train Jack
Album:Youre Not Alone
Track:Not Alone
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I see it sneaking up without a sound
And if I didn't turn around
I wouldn't even know it
was there
The pressure is coming down again
From the people who call themselves my
I can't seem to get them out of my hair
I'll do whatever I want to do
know I've got the right to choose
The things that take a part in my life
I don't need
nobody telling me
I'll ask you when I need some advice
Don't do it
No don't hide
don't hide away at home
Bring the truth that's deep down below
Don't ever leave those
things that you believe
You'll fight the lies
Because you're not alone
I don't hurt
myself internally
I'm poison free intentionally
A choice I made a long time
Because doing iy up Friday nights
Going out and starting fights
These are things
I don't need to know
So if people start telling you
The things they think you should
Get up and take a few steps away
Because this is life and you're in it
You're the
one who's got to live
Take your time and choose your own way
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