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Artist:Black Train Jack
Taken from the album Youre Not Alone by Black Train Jack
Album:Youre Not Alone
Track:Back Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Bacl on my feet again
Ain't nothing going to get me down
I've got the lead
After losing so much ground
Going to put my best foot forward
Got to stay on
that straight line
I've got to stick to the straight and narrow
Because I'm running out of
I've got to get my act together
There's no more games to play
I've got to get my
head together
I've got no time to waste
Each problem that comes my way I'l just take

It day by day
I've got to learn to get back up
When I fall flat on my face
making a turnaround
I've seen good times I've seen bad time
And I feel the same
had good love
I've had bad love
And it's all just a game
When was I no good to
Did I ever turn away
I guess leaving was best for you
Caught up in a lonely daze
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