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Artist:Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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Track:Love Burns
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I dare you
(Uh, Harlem Underworld)
To come against me
(Harlem Underworld)
I dare
(Black Rob)
To defeat me
(Watch the whole thing unfold)
I dare you

(From 100th street)
To come for me
(To 200th)
You won't win

Nigga's got me sittin' on the roof
Eye trained, on scope, blessin' 100 proof
Hand on
toes, 'bout to roast
Some kids who flash like they assassins
Picked up my dough and b-ked
this honey passin'
Got the spot on lock
Taking flicks around the corner
She made it
where the spot ain't hot
Like a potato, she got five-oh on the payroll
They sniffin' yeyo,
I don't know what to say, yo
There they go in front of the store
Dressed in black shit

Some like theys are meaner
If they be hustlin' back, we'll fuck 'em
Can't even do one
thing, assassinate 'em
That's it, that's all, solo
Single, no more, no less, stocks rang,
Money caught one in his Kangol
D.O.A. as his man made his run for the door
'em in the 'gaitor shoes his girl probably bought 'em
Too bad, Black ain't get the chance to
extort him
Cuz Nigga's like that don't deserve to live
Word the myth
And we ain't got
no love to give
For these drop shots who wanna be down
Wanna be clowns, the fail ones

I like how all that good shit sounds
And I dare one
I dare you
To come against
I dare you
To defeat me
I dare you
To conquer me
You won't win

Nigga, I sleigh, you pray, kill that ass uptown
Dump yo' bitch ass back around your way

When I'm in one of those moods I can give a fuck
I mean cool, run and bu
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