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Artist:Black Project
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Track:Die Owa Buben
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hey, guys, you know us
Fear the rimes made by us, Baby

Hey, guys, Rock n fun
Ask us
we tell you where to go, Baby
No topic too hot, No person too high
Everyones treated in our
songs,Paul n Gerd Krte un Ox

The songs are German so you will see
Who are the victims
of our gags, Baby

Hey Paul, dont blame us
All we sing is reality, Baby

Krte, you drive a car,
But sorry, youre crazy in the head, Krte

Maybe you have your
driving license
But I wont go with you thats for sure,Krte, Sorry, Krte, Sorry

were mean but you all know
We just make fun of you mates, Baby

Schneeberch,We love our town, yeah, Baby
Its full of cool guys like us
And playing soccer is
not all we do, Baby

Brats, yeah, proud of it,
You requested that tape n here we go,
Maybe youre cool, maybe youre tall,But we make fun of you all, Ox, Gerd, Krte, Paul
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