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Artist:Black Oak Arkansas
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Track:Too Hot To Stop
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:First verse

Don't tell me no
When you're eyes say go
I can give it to ya
I can give it to ya slow
You turned on my heart
You wanted to play
gone this far
Gotta go all the way
When I feel the heart
Deep down inside
sweat of love
Makes it slip and slide
The fire starts burnin'
Ya gotta let me in

Lustin' for the touch of warm, wet skin


I'm too hot, I'm too hot, I'm
too hot to stop
I'm too hot, I'm too hot, I'm too hot to stop

Like a freight train
engine comin' down the track
We're right on time
So don't hold back
Keep on
Push now girl
Don't stop now
Let's go around the world


(First verse again)
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