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Artist:Black Oak Arkansas
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Track:Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I've walked through the Halls of Karma
I shook hands with both the Devil and God
turned my eyes to the inside to see
Where my energies have gone
Yes I've run with both all
through my life
I've respected and reflected them both
Yes the sympathy of God as he
At my life the excitement of the Devil as we talked

So Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy on my soul

The Devil said, "scratch my back and I'll
Scratch your
back for sure"
So you have done all these sins for him
My heart could not be pure
found out what means more to me
Than anything on this earth
To be ready for my judgement
Ready to face the truth

So Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy on my soul

I hope I've done the right things
For both your sake and mine
I preach in what I
live for
My only fear is fear of time
I wanted to look logical
to both my "Maker" and
his host
But this trip of life must be complete
or my cards will be lost.

Lord Please Have Mercy on My Soul
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