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Artist:Black Oak Arkansas
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Track:Let Us Pray
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I was walkin down the road a carryin
The load that my father had a given
The night before I packed and left the home
Of my childhood, home of my birth.
place in the back of the store
Where we would work
Until the night time darkness

Brought the end of day
Now, Let Us Pray

When my brother was a kid
Well he
often went and hid in the backyard
Settin' at the feet of my father
And my mother would
Oh to sooth away the fear
That my father had a started
Pretty soon the
trouble parted
And while sittin' at the evenin supper table
He'd say Now Let Us Pray!

Oh Pray For Me Burly


Now I travel all alone
A thinkin of the
That my Mom and Dad were given
In the times they were livin'
And the backyard
swing and the happiness
Is bringin' out a whole bunch of presents
For the holiday

Remember Mom and Daddy
Are livin' and it's time now to say
Let Us Pray

Religion Is Music
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