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Artist:Black Oak Arkansas
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Got the world at the tip of my fingers
Women in the palm of my hand
If life gets much
Better watch out for this man
'Cause I'm a rapper and I'm a scrapper
A verbal
fire snatcher
And I'll guarantee you all
I'm a genuine fireball

I keep the
flame burnin' the world
keeps turnin'
My thoughts are back home
For the brass bed I
recall on the farm
And a woman that keeps it warm
'Cause the one that has my name

Will ride a righteous flame
And I'll guarantee you all
We'll have us a fireball

Fireball, ritual for lovers
Fireball, we can touch each other

I got brass
At the head of my bed
For my woman to grip
Hold on and dig
'Cause she is
a scrapper
A real fire snatcher
And I'll guarantee you all
She's a genuine

Fireball, she's a real lover
Fireball, we can touch each other
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